Dr. Mohamad Khazaei (University of Toronto, Canada) required easy identification of axons with uniform dimensions in order to efficiently analyze axonal transport.

Tracking axonal transport

In order to evaluate axonal transport it was required easy identification of axons that needed to be similar regarding thickness and length. Consistency in terms of number of connections between neurons was also essential. Other microfluidic devices do not enable culturing of DRG neurons because of their large size.

Easy tracking of axonal transport in 120 axons at a time

Dr. Mohamad Khazaei obtained standardization of neuronal cultures with the alignment of 120 similar sized axons in parallel, which facilitated the identification of axons, differentiation of retrograde and anterograde transport and quantification of transport speed. Dr. Khazaei leveraged up to 50x faster imaging in his analysis.

Regular culture plate:

With Ananda devices:

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