Dr. Annalisa Lucido (McGill University, Canada) while studying synapse formation.

With Ananda microfluidic devices, Dr. Lucido obtained healthy neuronal cultures for over 3 weeks in vitro. She was able to clearly identify axons and other neuronal structures in order to study synapse formation. Clear distribution of cellular compartments obtained with Ananda devices, facilitated the study of axonal response to chemical cues that are involved in synapse formation.

Observation of synapse formation for over several weeks in vitro

Dr Lucido’s research required the use of mature neuronal cultures and clear visualization of neuronal structures in order to investigate how synapses are formed. Regular cell culture dishes allowed the long-term survival of neurons, but in these dishes neurites grow completely entangled, hindering the consistent identification of axons and dendrites. Other commercially available microfluidic chambers did not allow for the survival and maintenance of healthy neuronal cultures for more than 1 week.

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For more details please refer to: Lucido et al., The Journal of Neuroscience 2009

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