Dr. Margaret Magdesian (McGill University, Canada) was studying synapse formation and measuring neuronal electrical activity.

Observation of synapse development over several weeks in vitro

Dr. Magdesian needed to identify neurites in order to study synapse formation and neuronal electrical activity for over several weeks in vitro. Regular culture plates allow long-term survival of neurons, but not the consistent identification of single neurites. Other commercially available microfluidic chambers did not allow cell survival and maintenance of healthy neuronal cultures for more than 1 week.

Study of myelination in vitro

“With Ananda microfluidic devices, I obtained neurite isolation and neuronal survival for longer than 28 days in vitro. The hippocampal neuronal culture proved to be healthy and composed of over 100 single axons growing inside the device’s channels with over 2 mm in length. The cell culture conditions provided by Ananda devices enabled for the analysis of multiple axons at the same time.”

For more details please refer to: Magdesian et al., J. Neuroscience 2016

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