The solution for
Drug Development and Diagnostics

A unique technology

Robust cell cultures

Miniaturization of cellular assays reduces costs of reagents and samples by up to 90%

Reproducible experiments

Faster results

Reliable results

Cell development in vitro with similar in vivo organization

An easy & ready-to-use device

How to achieve the best cell culture*

In 4 steps, get reliable results to support your research

*example based on neuronal culture


Coat 35 mm plastic dishes, glass-bottom dishes or 25 mm coverslips with Poly-D-Lysine or Poly-L-Ornithine.


Use tweezers to softly press the device against the dish to seal the channels. The pattern is clearly visualized.

Horizontal Flow

Apply a horizontal flow on the upper wells to seed the cells.

Vertical Flow

As long as the vertical flow is maintained, cells can be cultured in the devices for several weeks.

Every successful experiment relies on high quality cells.

Ananda Devices are the first in the market to enable neurite isolation and neuronal survival for longer than 4 weeks in vitro.

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