Bringing cell culture tothe 21st century

Ananda’s silicone microfluidic devices enable faster and more precise data analysis than regular culture dish bringing innovation to the fields of neuroscience, cancer, immunological and stem cells research.

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Frédérique Larroquette, McGill University

Mitochondrial Markers in Human Dopaminergic iPSCs Neurons

A Parkinson model with human neurons:
• Increased number of neurites
• Easy quantification of axonal transport
• More results with 10x fewer cells

Frédérique Larroquette, McGill University

Clear isolated axons from human iPSCs-derived neurons

Ananda Devices enabled to obtain over 1 mm long axons in less than 7 days.

Dr. Cecília Rocha, McGill University

Easily identify neurites and track their growth

Clear identification and analysis of neurite growth in hippocampal cultures for 15 days in vitro
• Healthy cultures for more than 2 weeks in vitro
• Efficient tracking of microtubule dynamics
• Clear identification of neurites and their structures

Andrew Kaplan, MNI, McGill University

Axotomy performed on parallel axons using Ananda’s microfluidic devices

One step regeneration test to easily identify new drugs that modulate axonal growth
• Isolation of soma and axonal compartments
• Axons presented in parallel enabled for optimal axotomy
• Easy tracking of axonal growth post-axotomy.

Ananda´s microfluidic devices are easy to use, make live-imaging much easier and can be used for numerous neuronal imaging needs. Personnel at ANANDA are always there to help you achieve your goals and are also open to explore new avenues to meet your specific needs.

Roxanne Larrivière, post-doc, MNI